Zebrafish Systems (Danio Rerio)

Fleuren & Nooijen BV has extensive experience in the design, construction, maintenance and updating of Zebrafish systems.

LAYOUT of our zebrafish systems

Based on your specifications Fleuren & Nooijen selects the most suitable zebrafish system configuration for your individual situation. Our zebrafish systems are robust and can house a combination of (serial) aquaria and shelves with 1, 3, 5 and 10 litre tanks. We equip our zebrafish systems with pressure regulators for constant water flow to the tanks even at high system occupation.

Our designs are not limited by standard unit sizes, we customize each unit to make maximal usage of the space available and holding capacity needed.


Faeces, uneaten feed and biofouling are removed in settlers with reusable filter mats. For larger units mechanical filtration is carried out by a self-cleaning drumfilter.


Fleuren & Nooijen uses a combination of moving bed and trickling biofilters to remove ammonia, CO2 and replenish the dissolved oxygen.


Robust Stainless steel UV-C installations give the optimal dosage to lower bacterial pressure.


IKS Computer can monitor: temperature, pH, conductivity, redox and oxygen. The computer controls: temperature conductivity, pH, oxygen, back-up pumps, water exchange and lighting. In the case one of above parameters is outside pre-set ranges an alarm is given on the computer, transferred to building alarm or via SMS. Alarms for water flow and water level can also be included.

LONG LIFESPAN of the zebrafish systems

The zebrafish systems are made out of durable materials such as polyester, PP PVC and 304 SS stainless steel resulting in a long lifespan.


The ergonomic design and self-cleaning biofiltration unit limit the weekly cleaning to settler flushing, sensor and Y-filter cleaning. We do not work with disposable cartridges.


Hatching units are available in various sizes (8-400liter). Cold storage of Artemia nauplii facilitates multiple feeding during the day with only hatching a single batch.


Refreshing water of constant quality is produced from tap or RO water. Conductivity, pH, temperature and hardness can be altered according to your standards.


Organisms, eggs, pathogens and toxic substances are removed by a sieving bent, UV-C disinfection and carbon filter for safe wastewater discharge.


Contact us for a brochure for Zebrafish systems, Zebrafish Stand-Alone unit and Artemia hatching and storage unit. Or see our references on zebrafish systems.


We can make a quote for the work in your Zebrafish Facility. For new facilities contact us preferably in the early planning stage for the optimal layout of your new facility.